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  • What is an NBI Unlimited CLE Subscription?

    An NBI Unlimited CLE Subscription is 1 year of unlimited CLE for one low price. We offer a choice of 3 subscription packages to meet your individual interests and budget. Learn more and watch a video about NBI Unlimited CLE Subscriptions by clicking on the [Unlimited CLE] tab on our website.

  • How many courses will I have access to as a subscriber?

    Get unlimited access to the largest, most diverse catalog of CLE courses in all legal disciplines of any CLE provider. Select from over 2000 full-day seminars, 400 teleconferences and webcasts, as well as thousands of hours of online self-study courses, legal manuals and bookstore products.

  • Which type of Unlimited CLE Subscription is right for me?

    We want to help you pick the NBI subscription that is best for you! On the Unlimited CLE Subscription page you will find a chart that compares the 3 levels of subscription, you can also watch a video about Unlimited CLE Subscriptions. Additionally, our knowledgeable Customer Service Department is here to assist at 800-930-6182.

  • I would like to become an Unlimited CLE Subscriber, how can I select the Unlimited CLE Subscription type and purchase my subscription?

    It is quick and easy to purchase your Unlimited CLE Subscription - you can order online, by phone, fax, or mail. To order online, click on the [Unlimited CLE] tab, then click the [Buy Now!] button of the Subscription Pass you would like to purchase. This will add it to your shopping cart and then you can complete your order or continue shopping.

  • Once I purchase the Unlimited CLE Subscription, when can I start using it?

    You can immediately begin taking advantage of subscriber benefits upon purchasing your Unlimited CLE Subscription. Our website was designed to make it easy for you to use your pass. Upon login, you will be recognized immediately as a subscriber.

  • What are the payment options for Unlimited CLE Subscriptions?

    We accept Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover), Check or a Purchase Order. Please call our Customer Service Department at 800-930-6182 with any questions.

  • How do I access the programs I've purchased using my Unlimited CLE Subscription?

    Click the My Account button at the top of the page to access your account. You will be prompted to log in using your email address and password. Once in your account, you can view all upcoming events or recent OnDemand & Download Purchases. Click on [Access My Courses] to find your courses broken down by categories. Select the category of the course you are looking for and [View Details] for program details, certificate of completion or credit requests, and access information. You can also review all purchases 1/1/2009 to present in the [Order History] tab.

  • As an Unlimited CLE Subscriber, do I need to pre-register before attending seminars?

    No, another great subscriber benefit is being able to "walk in" to NBI seminars without pre-registration. Simply provide your subscription card to the Program Manager when you arrive and your registration will be completed for you!

  • How can I get my subscriber savings when other users register me for a program?

    When another user enters your email as the "Registrant" on the online Registration page, your subscription savings will automatically be applied to your registration.

  • I am an All Inclusive CLE Pass subscriber, how can I access my Fastcase subscription?

    You can access your Fastcase subscription by the click of a button from your "My Account," at the top of your "My Account" tab, you will find the subscription information section. A button, titled [Launch Fastcase] is located in that section.

  • What is Fastcase?

    Fastcase is an online, comprehensive 50-state and federal case law database, providing access to law, court cases, statutes and regulations. All Inclusive Pass holders receive a full year of unlimited access included in their subscription.

  • How can I find out information about my subscription, such as what type of Unlimited CLE Subscription I have and when it expires?

    To access subscription and account information, click the [My Account] button at the top of the page and log in using your email address and password. Once logged in, you will find your Subscription Info (including pass type and expiration date) under the "My Account" tab. Learn more about managing your account, viewing past purchases, and accessing your programs by viewing the My Account FAQ. If you have further questions, contact our Customer Service Department at 800-930-6182 where we would be happy to assist you.

  • When will my Unlimited CLE Subscription expire?

    Your Unlimited CLE Subscription is valid until the expiration date listed in your My Account "Subscription Info". The subscription may be used for all live events held on or before the date of expiration. If you purchase one of our Online Learning courses, you will have access to the program in your account until 7 days after your pass expires so that you have adequate time to view the program. You can renew your subscription at any time.

  • My Unlimited CLE Subscription is about to expire, how can I renew my Subscription?

    You can renew your subscription anytime. Simply call our knowledgeable Customer Service Department at 800-930-6182 to renew your subscription for another full year of Unlimited CLE and subscriber benefits.

  • Can I upgrade my existing Unlimited CLE Subscription Pass to take advantage of more features and benefits?

    Yes, you can upgrade your subscription online anytime to begin taking advantage of even more features and benefits of your Unlimited CLE Subscription. Once you log in to your My Account, you will see your subscription information on this page. Select the [Upgrade Today] button and proceed to checkout. The cost of your upgrade will be prorated. We calculate the cost of your upgrade by applying a credit equal to the value of your current remaining subscription to the cost of your new upgraded subscription. Once your upgrade purchase is complete, you will be granted immediate access to begin using your new Unlimited CLE Subscription benefits for another full year!

  • Can I use my subscription on IPE (Institute for Paralegal Education) courses?

    IPE courses do not qualify for Unlimited CLE Subscription savings. Please call 800-930-6182 for information on the IPE Subscription.

  • Do you offer law firm subscription services?

    Yes. We are happy to work with you to create a cost-effective subscription plan for your organization, contact us to learn more.

  • Is my Unlimited CLE Subscription transferable?

    No, subscriptions are non-transferable.

  • Is my Unlimited CLE Subscription refundable?

    No, subscriptions are non-refundable.