3 Business Skills CLE Courses to Watch This Fall


By: The NBI Team

Monday, November 1, 2021

3 Business Skills CLE Courses to Watch This Fall

Ultimately, law is a business. To run a successful practice, leaders must be able to interpret meaningful data, define strategic goals, and manage resources and staff effectively. And regardless of firm size or career stage, every attorney needs to know how to nurture client relationships, manage time, stay organized, and sell their services.

If you’re looking to level up your business of law skills, you don’t want to miss these three great OnDemand CLE courses from October.

  1. Staying Organized and in Control: An Attorney’s Guide
  2. Duration: 3 hours

    Original Date: October 5, 2021


    Staying organized isn’t as easy we’d like, at least not for everyone. Still, staying organized is one of the most important (and tedious) processes in legal practice. The task is even greater if you’re running a small firm.

    In this 3-hour dive into the world of legal practice organization, your instructors will cover everything you need to know about staying ahead so that you don’t get behind. Topics include practical tools for maximizing productivity, strategies for successfully delegating and managing team members, project management principles, and email strategies.

    The Instructors

    The instructors for this online law practice management course are Attorneys Jack R. Luellen, principal at Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, PC, and Kelly C. Sturmthal, a senior partner at DSM Law.
  3. How to Run a Thriving Small Firm
  4. Duration: 6 hours

    Original Date: October 25, 2021


    According to Thomson Reuters, attorneys at small law firms spend 60% or less of their time actually practicing law. The remainder of the time, they’re managing their law firm. Despite time management and other challenges small law firms face, they make up the great majority of law firms in the US.

    “How to Run a Thriving Small Firm” is a full-day law practice management course that will teach you how to set up your small firm for success and spend more time practicing law. This online CLE provides best practices and business skills for law firm managers, from fee structures, payment collection, and key performance indicators (KPIs), to marketing and ethics.

    The Instructors

    The instructors leading this law practice CLE have more than 60 years of combined experience:

    • Josh Andrews, founding and managing partner of Gatehouse Law.
    • Charles R. Gallagher III, managing partner of Gallagher & Associates Law Firm, P.A.
    • Danny M. Howell, founding partner of The Law Offices of Danny M. Howell, PLLC
    • Todd B. Kotler, general practice attorney with Gruber, Thomas & Co., L.P.A.
  5. Accounting & Financial Analysis for Attorneys
  6. Duration: 6 hours

    Original Date: October 7, 2021


    Anyone who manages a law firm has to know the numbers. Depending on the firm’s size, practice areas, and accepted fee arrangements, the firm’s financial health can be challenging to track, particularly for lawyers who do not have a finance and accounting background.

    If you’re looking to understand your firm’s finances, or if you’d like to brush up on finance and accounting essentials for your business clients, you’ll find what you need in this CLE course.

    “Accounting & Financial Analysis for Attorneys” will teach you how to analyze finance and accounting statements, and how to understand audits, compilations, and reviews. You’ll also learn corporate finance basics, how to value a company, and finance ethics.

    The Instructors

    This CLE’s instructors include transactional attorneys, a tax and accounting firm president, and financial analyst and senior manager at an accounting and business advisory firm:

    • Bruce T. Andersen, CPA is the president of BTA Corporation.
    • Mark S. Cherry is an attorney at Mark S. Cherry Attorney at Law, PC.
    • Ramsey A. Knowles is a partner at Knowles Gallant LLC.
    • Matthew J. Silla, ASA, CFA, is a senior manager with Apple Growth Partners.
    • Mary Trachian-Bradley is a senior litigation associate at Briskin, Cross & Sanford, LLC.

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