Now OnDemand: 8 CLE Courses to Watch This Month


By: The NBI Team

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Now OnDemand: 8 CLE Courses to Watch This Month

Fall back into your practice with our new OnDemand courses! From best practices for working with clients to hot topics and trends in restaurant and hospitality law, we added a variety of programs to our OnDemand catalog to help you build your knowledge. Check out a few of the latest additions from September now!

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, TBI, Whiplash, Pre-Existing Injuries, and More: Doctor Insights for Attorneys

Are you familiar with the anatomy of the brain? Do you know how to pinpoint the cause of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)? What are some ways you can improve communication with medical providers? This guide offers insights on a wide range of injuries, diagnostic tests, and more. Original Event Date: September 14, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Legal Ethics: Best Practices for Dealing With Clients

This legal instruction clarifies best practices for working with clients. From legal essentials for preventing conflicts of interest to tips for safeguarding confidentiality, find out how to handle a variety of tough client situations. Original Event Date: September 16, 2021. Duration: 60 Minutes.

Estate Planning Tools and the New Laws: What Still Works (and What Doesn’t)

Bring your estate planning practice up to date! Gain small-to-medium-sized estate strategies, develop new large estate techniques, and uncover guidance for reviewing estate planning documents with this timely program. Original Event Date: September 20, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Top 5 Power Skills for New Family Lawyers

Whether you’re just jumping into family law, or you need to brush up on the basics, this practical overview is for you! Discover the fundamentals of financial statement analysis, identify the limitations of social media sleuthing, and get a good grasp on common disability and aging matters. Original Event Date: September 24, 2021. Duration: 60 Minutes.

Employment Law 2021

This engaging guide delves into the latest employment law updates you need to know. From best practices for managing leave requests to essential guidelines for handling sexual harassment complaints, ensure your workplace practices and policies are up to par. Original Event Date: September 15, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Auto Injury: How to Calculate Pain and Suffering Damages

Do you know how to document mental pain and suffering? How do insurance adjusters evaluate pain and suffering damages? What are some ways you can help jurors value pain and suffering? This practical overview provides the answers to all these questions and more! Original Event Date: September 9, 2021. Duration: 90 Minutes.

Restaurant and Hospitality Law Primer – 2021 Edition

Join our distinguished faculty as they walk you through the fundamentals of restaurant and hospitality law. Examine recent trends and hot topics concerning the hospitality industry, identify start-up challenges, and scrutinize sample provisions of restaurant leases. Original Event Date: September 15, 2021. Duration: 3 Hours.

Title Due Diligence: Complex Issues and Answers

Do you have the skills and knowledge required to navigate complex title due diligence issues? In this advanced program, our faculty show you how to spot intricate title commitment issues; solve title defect complexities; and address thorny land use, zoning, and environmental difficulties. Original Event Date: September 22, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

When it comes to our course offerings, this is just the beginning. Find other CLE programs in the NBI Course Catalog, and sign up for an Unlimited CLE Subscription today!

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