7 Must-Watch OnDemand CLE Courses You Missed in June


By: The NBI Team

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

7 Must-Watch OnDemand CLE Courses You Missed in June

Summer’s here, and so are our newest OnDemand courses! From computer and smartphone forensics to wine, beer, and spirits law, we just added a ton of our June courses to the OnDemand catalog. Check out some of the highlights below.

Computer and Smartphone Forensics Guide for Attorneys

Looking to dial up your data and digital forensics skills? This practical instruction helps you develop preservation techniques, discover the fundamentals of cellular triangulation and GPS, obtain evidence from damaged devices, and much more! Original Event Date: June 11, 2021. Duration: 3 Hours.

Divorce Law: Concealing Assets, Electronic Spying and Other Dirty Tricks Exposed

This course reveals a variety of dirty tactics divorcing spouses use, as well as tips for identifying and overcoming them. From finding hidden assets to identifying common digital stalking tools, get the practical guidance you need to ensure a favorable outcome for your client. Original Event Date: June 14, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Title Law: Examination to Commitment

Get an in-depth overview of the title examination process! In this guide, experienced faculty provide guidance on conducting a title search, curing title defects during foreclosure, title insurance endorsements, and more. Original Event Date: June 21, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Legal Ethics: The Latest Dangers Attorneys Must Know

This fast-paced update identifies common ethical landmines to avoid. Review the top attorney-client privilege oversights, best practices for preventing social media mishaps, and legal risks associated with multi-jurisdictional practice. Original Event Date: June 16, 2021. Duration: 60 Minutes.

Wills vs. Trusts: The Ultimate Guide

This essential guide shows you how to choose between a will and a trust, as well as how to draft estate planning documents. Determine what questions to ask clients, discover the key provisions in a will, and find out which tools are the easiest to modify. Original Event Date: June 18, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Disciplining and Terminating Employees On Leave

Disciplining and firing employees on leave comes with a myriad of legal risks. Review the basics of the FMLA, examine best practices for implementing performance improvement plans, and determine what steps to take when you suspect FMLA abuse. Original Event Date: June 9, 2021. Duration: 3 Hours.

Wine, Beer and Spirits Law 101

Thinking about tapping into a brand new practice area? From labeling and regulatory compliance to intellectual property and advertising issues, this introductory course teaches you everything you need to know about wine, beer, and spirits law. Original Event Date: June 16, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

When it comes to our course offerings, this is just a small sample. Uncover more CLE programs in the NBI Course Catalog, and sign up for an Unlimited CLE Subscription today!

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