New OnDemand CLE: 6 May Courses You Need to Watch


By: The NBI Team

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

New OnDemand CLE: 6 May Courses You Need to Watch

Missed these CLE courses the first time around? Still need to get your CLE credits in before the reporting period ends? We’ve got you covered OnDemand! From tips for collecting ESI evidence to techniques for tackling auto injury cases, we added a bunch of new courses from May to our OnDemand catalog. Check out a few highlights below!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, E-mail, and Smartphone Evidence: The Ultimate Guide

This CLE course offers in-depth tactics for gathering ESI from technology and social media websites. Discover the top 10 ESI mistakes attorneys make, uncover practical guidance for authenticating ESI, and review relevant case law. Original Event Date: May 6, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

How to Use Trusts to…

Explore the many ways you can use trusts to do everything from avoiding probate to managing and transferring a family business. This course provides practical strategies for using a variety of trusts to accomplish common goals. Original Event Date: May 20, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

2021 Update: Employee Hiring, Firing, and Discipline

From essentials for interviewing job applicants to best practices for firing employees on leave, ensure your employment policies and practices are in legal compliance! This full-day primer delves into strategies for hiring, terminating, and disciplining workers. Original Event Date: May 3, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Legal Ethics: Overcoming Daily Challenges

The legal profession is filled with ethical landmines. This instruction offers guidelines for ensuring ethical attorney-client communication, examines best practices for recordkeeping, explores the do's and don’ts of managing attorney fees, and much more. Original Event Date: May 18, 2021. Duration: 3 Hours.

Insurance Bad Faith: What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Find

Find out how to get the evidence you need with this fast-paced briefing! Scrutinize insurance practices for red flags, determine which questions you NEED to ask experts and adjusters during depositions, and analyze sample discovery requests. Original Event Date: May 25, 2021. Duration: 90 Minutes.

Advanced Auto Injury

Do you know how to deal with difficult auto insurance adjusters? Are you confident in your ability to cross-examine biomechanical experts? What should you look for during the discovery process to prove a pre-existing condition? Get the answers to all these questions and more with this advanced guide! Original Event Date: May 12, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Looking for a course in a specific practice area? Find more of our OnDemand programs in the NBI Course Catalog, or sign up for an Unlimited CLE Subscription today!

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