5 OnDemand CLE Courses to Watch This Week


By: The NBI Team

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

5 OnDemand CLE Courses to Watch This Week

With spring right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to get caught up on your CLE. From music law to business assets in divorce, NBI added 40+ new and engaging courses in the past few weeks. Here are just a few recent additions we think you’ll like!

Music Law Nuts & Bolts 2021

If you’re interested in practicing music law, or ready to make the leap, don’t miss this opportunity to get the basics down. Listen as seasoned practitioners sound off on recent industry developments and digital streaming trends, provide practical guidance for negotiating provisions in recording contracts, and review the top intellectual property cases music attorneys need to know. Original Event Date: January 26, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Dividing Business Assets in Divorce

This practical guide provides you with the essential tools and information you need to track down assets and value businesses. Discover best practices for structuring settlements, develop strategies for obtaining business records, uncover tips for reading business valuation reports, and more. Original Event Date: February 2, 2021. Duration: 3 Hours.

Mini Med School for Attorneys

From medical terminology to diagnostic procedures, gain practical insights from our experienced faculty that’ll help you win your next case! Topics include common injuries, trial strategies, doctor deposition techniques, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your skills to the next level! Original Event Date: February 5, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Step-Up Basis in Trusts and LLCs

Get the knowledge you need to advise your clients effectively. This intermediate-level program covers new tax-reporting rules and requirements, top trust structures, as well as Biden’s proposed tax changes. Original Event Date: January 25, 2021. Duration: 3 Hours.

Top 9 Construction Contract Provisions That Lead to Disputes

Let someone else make the mistakes! This fast-paced guide tackles common provisions in construction contracts that result in litigation. Discover the pitfalls and perils of using ambiguous language, detect red flags in damages clauses, and analyze best practices for preventing and responding to payment disputes. Original Event Date: February 10, 2021. Duration: 1.5 Hours.

This is just a handful of the courses available OnDemand right now. Sign up for an Unlimited CLE Subscription, and then peruse the NBI Course Catalog for thousands of other CLE seminars to enhance your skills and earn CLE credit!


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