Introducing Interactive eLearning – A Refreshing New Way to Learn!


By: Brad Kelly, NBI Staff

Monday, April 17, 2023

Introducing Interactive eLearning – A Refreshing New Way to Learn!

NBI is proud to announce Interactive eLearning, a new product line designed to provide busy attorneys additional options to meet their learning needs.

"We’re committed to moving legal training forward. Not just providing CLE. The concept of this new product line fits squarely into NBI’s vision because it provides our customers and passholders an additional way to learn, with all science-backed benefits of micro-learning.”

- Elliot Westman, Content Manager, NBI

Using eLearning to meet training needs has been shown to increase knowledge retention. Compared to traditional, classroom-based training, studies have shown that participants are able to recall 25% to 60% more information when they use web-based eLearning to meet their training needs. This translates to more time spent on the job, and less time continuously recalling and reviewing material you have already learned.

What do Interactive eLearning Courses Look Like?

Interactive eLearning courses are designed to keep you engaged while increasing knowledge retention. Here’s a brief breakdown of how they do this:

Interactive Exercises

Each Interactive eLearning course reinforces learnings with thought-provoking quizzes, knowledge checks, and clickable interactions. You’ll sharpen your skills with practical exercises based on real-life situations. Ultimately, you will learn faster and better with hands-on, active legal training.

Engaging Content

Interactive eLearning courses are designed to keep you engaged. They use a series of short-form microlearning modules to hold your attention and boost your knowledge retention. These courses go beyond lecture-only CLE and allow you to start learning by doing.

Flexible Design

With Interactive eLearning, you can learn anywhere, anytime, on desktop or mobile devices. Strapped for time? You can start a course on your desktop device in the office. Between court appearances, you can knock out a few lessons on your mobile device. Brief, bite-sized sections allow you to pick up where you left off while making progress on your CLE requirements.

Are These Courses Accredited?

Interactive eLearning courses are accredited for one hour of CLE credit in most states. Please note that it may take slightly longer than one hour to complete each course. This is by design. The interactive elements in each course ultimately lead to increased knowledge retention due to broad appeal to different learning styles.

Where Can I Check These Courses Out?

Visit NBI’s Interactive eLearning Page to explore available offerings and learn more about the product line.

More courses will be added every month. If you have any specific requests, reach out to our Instructional Design department today!

Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly is NBI's Instructional Design Lead. He has spent the last 10 years designing compliance-focused training in the legal, manufacturing and software industries. Prior to this, he worked as a teacher for 5 years, with a primary focus on adult education. You can reach him at

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