November 4th is Love Your Lawyer Day


By: The NBI Team

Thursday, November 3, 2022

November 4th is Love Your Lawyer Day

It’s rare for people to call attorneys on the best days of their lives. Guiding clients through terrible, or even tragic, experiences isn’t written into attorney job descriptions. Nor is continuously building public trust and confidence in the legal system. All of this is an essential – if thankless – part of the job, however. It’s unfortunate, but the public often equates the low tides of their lives with the legal community itself.

This is despite all the positive contributions attorneys make to society. Behind every piece of public policy that has improved society are attorneys who tirelessly drafted, discussed and finalized every tiny detail. Lawyers have also been instrumental in fighting for equal access to justice in this country throughout our history. These things, along with countless other efforts, often go unheralded.

Even with the creation of bar associations, ethical standards and CLE requirements to ensure the continued professionalism and competency of the legal community, negative misconceptions of the legal community remain. For this Love Your Lawyer Day, we thought we’d dig into the history of why the day was created back in 2001.

Why Love Your Lawyer Day was Created

Public opinion of attorneys has often been less-than-positive, despite the good they have done for society. That is why Love Your Lawyer Day was created. It is meant to counter negative misconceptions about the legal community by asking lawyers to give some time or some money to make society better.

It is also meant to get people to stop telling lawyer jokes. Though humor is subjective, pretty much the entire legal community probably agrees these jokes just aren't funny. Since the earliest recorded lawyer joke probably dates to a Greek comedy written in 423 BC, attorneys have their work cut out for them.

National, International & Global Love Your Lawyer Day was started in 2001 by Nader Anise, the founder of The American Lawyer Public Image Association. In order to celebrate the day, they ask individuals to do two things. First, they ask people to refrain from telling lawyer jokes for as single day. If someone is unable to do this, The American Lawyer Public Image Association asks them to donate $20 to charity for every lawyer joke told.

Second, The American Lawyer Public Image Association asks lawyers to give back on this day. They recommend lawyers either engage in one hour of pro bono work, or donate the equivalent of one billable hour to charity. No matter if you are an attorney or not, here are some suggestions for celebrating National, International and Global Love Your Lawyer Day.

How to Celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day if You are an Attorney

The American Lawyer Public Image Association gives lawyers a couple of options for things to do on Love Your Lawyer Day. If you are a lawyer, here is what they ask you to do – along with a few other options thrown in for good measure.

Engage in Pro Bono Work

One thing the American Lawyer Public Image Association asks attorneys to do is to do one hour of pro bono work. Don’t know where to start? The United States Department of Justice publishes a comprehensive list of pro bono legal service providers around the country.

Donate the Equivalent of One Billable Hour to Charity

Another thing the American Lawyer Public Image Association asks is for attorneys to donate the equivalent of one billable hour to the charity of their choice. This is an excellent opportunity to support causes or organizations you feel passionate about!

Lay off the Lawyer Jokes

As an attorney, you probably roll your eyes whenever you hear a lawyer joke. If your sense of humor runs on the self-deprecating side, it’s best to lay off them on this day. Or every day.

Engage in Other Volunteer Work

Though pro bono work is an ideal way to flex your personal superpowers, you undoubtedly have several that are not related to the practice of law. Engaging in any volunteer work that improves your local community shows that local lawyers care.

Mentor Others

Mentoring prospective law students, children in need, adults in need of tutoring services and others is an excellent way to demonstrate the care and commitment attorneys have to local communities.

How to Celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day if You are a Non-Attorney

If you are not a lawyer, there are several things you can do to recognize the lawyers in your life. Here are some suggestions for celebrating Love Your Lawyer Day. 

Stop Telling Lawyer Jokes

One of the best things you can do to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day is to refrain from telling   lawyer jokes. It is good for everyone if the malignment of lawyers in the guise of humor ends for good.

Send a Greeting Card

Expressing your gratitude to the lawyers in your life via greeting cards is always appreciated. Be sure to include a personalized message!


Who doesn’t need a pick-me-up every once in a while? Legal work of all sorts can be challenging, and attorneys often burn the candle at both ends. Coffee or coffee shop gift cards are always appreciated.

Baked Goods

Donuts, Danishes or other sweet treats are an effective way to show appreciation – barring any dietary restrictions, of course.


Don’t forget National, International & Global Love Your Lawyer Day on Friday, November 4th. Let’s all use it as an opportunity to recognize the positive contributions to society attorneys make. Let’s also use it to put to rest all the bad jokes and negative stereotypes about the legal community.

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