7 Great OnDemand CLE Programs You Need to Watch NOW


By: The NBI Team

Thursday, December 9, 2021

7 Great OnDemand CLE Programs You Need to Watch NOW

With CLE year-end quickly approaching, it’s time to hunker down and get to work. Lucky for you, NBI offers a wide variety of OnDemand courses you can watch whenever, wherever! Check out a few highlights from our OnDemand catalog below.

Smartphone and Cell Phone Tower Evidence Guide

This fast-paced briefing teaches you everything you need to know about smartphone discovery. Identify key challenges in cell phone forensics, determine what information you can glean from mobility usage reports, and explore the basics of user tracking. Original Event Date: November 22, 2021. Duration: 60 Minutes.

Construction Law: Ultimate Bootcamp

Hoping to improve your understanding of the nuances of construction law? In this information-packed program, you’ll gain practical guidance for drafting and negotiating construction contracts, strategies for handling construction project payments issues, and much more. Equip yourself with real-life tips and tricks! Original Event Date: November 9, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

What You Need to Know About Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Legal Profession

This insightful briefing provides you with tried-and-true techniques for combatting substance abuse issues and addiction in the legal practice. Whether you’re concerned about a colleague, or you just want to stay informed of risk factors and warning signs, you don’t want to miss this program. Original Event Date: November 17, 2021. Duration: 3 Hours.

Vaccination Mandate and ADA Compliance: What Employers Need to Know

Despite the challenges against Biden’s vaccine mandate, many employers are leaning towards implementing vaccination policies in the workplace. Get answers to all your questions about remote workers, booster shots, and COVID-19 tests with this timely update! Original Event Date: November 8, 2021. Duration: 60 Minutes.

The Rules of Evidence: Creative Insights From Top Trial Lawyers

In this program, our expert faculty share advanced tips for handling evidence issues. Examine creative ways to use motions in limine, uncover secrets to authenticating social media and texts, find out how to apply hearsay objections and exceptions, and more. Original Event Date: November 3, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Non-Profit Hot Topics & Trends 2021-2022

Are you up to date on recent donor disclosure requirements changes? What are the latest audit trends? Are you up to speed on new case law? This legal primer delves into pressing issues and notable developments you need to know. Original Event Date: November 16, 2021. Duration: 90 Minutes.

Social Security: New Rules and Challenges

Examine the most recent developments affecting disability law! Stay informed of new changes to the Rules of Representative Conduct, get up to speed on recent Programs Operations Manual System (POMS) updates, develop new hearings tactics, and much more. Original Event Date: November 4, 2021. Duration: 6 Hours.

Whether you practice in elder law, real estate law, or something entirely different, NBI has a course for you. Browse through the NBI Course Catalog here, or learn more about NBI’s Unlimited CLE Subscriptions!

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