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Title Workshop: From Examination to Commitment

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June, 2018

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From Event: Title Workshop: From Examination to Commitment, held June 2018.

Program Description

Ensuring marketable title has never been more important than in today's real estate market. Make sure you're prepared for any complications with a solid foundation of title law knowledge. This how-to instruction walks you through the title examination process with example documentation - from the mechanics of the title search to curing defects to drafting the title commitment. Don't miss this opportunity to build your skills. Order today!

Course Content

  1. Conducting the Title Search and Examination
  2. What to Look for in Surveys, Descriptions and Plats
  3. Remedies to Resolve Property Line Problems
  4. Ethical Considerations
  5. Drafting and Issuing a Title Commitment
  6. Title Insurance Endorsements and Exceptions
  7. Curing Title Defects During Foreclosure

Continuing Education Credit

Continuing Legal Education – CLE

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Agenda / Content Covered

  1. Conducting the Title Search and Examination
    9:00 - 9:45, Elizabeth R. Seuferling
    1. The Mechanics of Running the Chain of Title: Public Record Search, Title Plants, Etc.
    2. Title Examination
      1. Recognizing Defects Through Document Review
      2. What to Look for in Court Decrees
      3. Probate
      4. Foreclosure Under Deed of Trust
      5. Property Tax Liens
      6. Local and State Government Liens
      7. Federal Tax Liens and Federal Judgments
      8. Private Party Liens
      9. Issues on Authority
  2. What to Look for in Surveys, Descriptions and Plats
    10:00 - 11:00, John J. Dowling
    1. Types of Surveys: Differences Between ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, Boundary Surveys and Building Location Surveys
    2. Understanding Survey Elements and Symbols
    3. Boundary Conflicts
    4. Physical Encumbrances/Encroachments
    5. Prescriptive Easements and Adverse Possession Evidence
    6. Building Setbacks/Restrictions
    7. Reading Legal Descriptions of Property – Potential Pitfalls
  3. Remedies to Resolve Property Line Problems
    11:00 - 11:45, H. Andrew Reckson
    1. Boundary Line Agreement
    2. The Grant of an Easement
    3. Variance
    4. Trespass Action to Try Title
    5. Declaratory Judgment
    6. Quiet Title
    7. Action for Possession
    8. Quitclaim Deed
    9. Land Patent
  4. Ethical Considerations
    12:45 - 1:45, H. Andrew Reckson
    1. Rights of Redemption
    2. Formation of the Attorney-Client Relationship
    3. Conflicts of Interest
    4. Duties of Competence and Diligence
    5. Disclosure of Defects in Property
    6. Special Responsibilities to Sellers and Borrowers
    7. Attorneys' Fees
  5. Drafting and Issuing a Title Commitment
    1:45 - 2:30, Shawn A. Goldfaden
    1. Schedule A
    2. Schedule B-1: Requirements of the Title Insurer
    3. Schedule B-2: Exceptions to Coverage
    4. Opinion Letters
    5. Negotiating the Title Insurance Commitment
  6. Title Insurance Endorsements and Exceptions
    2:45 - 3:45, Shawn A. Goldfaden
    1. Standard ALTA Endorsements
      1. ALTA 1.06 and 2.06
      2. ALTA 3.06 and 3.1.06
      3. ALTA 4.06, 4.1.06, 5.06 and 5.1.06
      4. ALTA 6.06 and 6.2.06 Series
      5. ALTA 7.06 and 7.2.06
      6. ALTA 8.1.06
      7. ALTA 9.1.06, 9.3.06, 9.4.06 and 9.5.06 Series
      8. ALTA 10.06 and 10.1.06
      9. ALTA 11.06 Series
      10. ALTA 12.06 Series
    2. Commercial ALTA Endorsements
      1. ALTA 13.06 and 13.1.06
      2. ALTA 14.06, 14.1.06, 16.06, 20.06
      3. ALTA 15.06, 15.1.06, 15.2.06 and 21.06
      4. ALTA 17.06 and 17.1.06, 18.06 and 18.1.06, 19.06 and 19.1.06
    3. Exceptions
      1. Standard Exceptions
      2. Special Exceptions
      3. Affirmative Coverage
  7. Curing Title Defects During Foreclosure
    3:45 - 4:30, Jonathan M. Herbst
    1. Indemnifying Prior Open Liens
    2. Resolving Tax Issues
    3. Open Equity Lines of Credit
    4. Correcting Scriveners' Errors
    5. Unreleased Mortgages or Mortgages Recorded Out of Order
    6. Unrecorded or Improperly Attested Security Deeds
    7. Break in the Chain of Title – Quiet Title Litigation Procedures
    8. Bankruptcy Notice Predating the Sale but Received After
    9. Recovering Manufactured Housing

JOHN J. DOWLING is a licensed land surveyor in Annapolis. He has lectured for the Maryland Society of Surveyors and the Anne Arundel County Bar Association. Mr. Dowling is a member of the Anne Arundel County Bar Association and the Maryland Society of Surveyors. He earned his B.A. degree from the University of Maryland and his J.D. degree from the University of Baltimore.

SHAWN A. GOLDFADEN is an attorney and vice president of business development and counsel for Land Services USA, Inc., located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has extensive knowledge and experience in commercial and residential real estate transactions. Mr. Goldfaden was an associate attorney at the Law Firm of Morris & Schneider, P.C., in Atlanta where he concentrated in real estate transactional matters. He has numerous years of experience in real estate litigation, bankruptcy, and probate matters. Mr. Goldfaden has an excellent working knowledge of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and national title insurance underwriting issues. He is admitted to practice law in Maryland, Georgia, and the U.S. District Court for Maryland and the Northern District of Georgia. He is a recent past co-chair of the Pro Bono Committee of the Young Lawyers Section of the Maryland State Bar Association. Mr. Goldfaden is an active committee member for the Legislative and Education committees of the Maryland Land Title Association. He is a regular speaker on numerous real property and title insurance related topics, and has published numerous articles on similar topics. He is also a licensed Maryland associate real estate broker. Mr. Goldfaden earned his B.A. degree from the University of Baltimore and his J.D. degree from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association (Real Property, Commercial Law, Foreclosure and Estates and Trusts sections) and the State Bar of Georgia.

JONATHAN M. HERBST is an attorney with The Herbst Firm, LLC. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Herbst practiced as an attorney at several prominent law firms in the Baltimore area, including working for more than seven years at Royston, Muller, McLean & Reid, LLP, in Towson, Maryland. He focuses his practice on business and real estate transactions, as well as business and commercial litigation. Mr. Herbst assists small business owners with every aspect of business organization and operation, including handling various employment-related issues and litigating employment disputes. He also represents lending institutions in connection with mortgage loan workouts, bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings. Mr. Herbst is admitted to practice in all Maryland state courts, as well as the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, and the U.S. Supreme Court. He has been selected for inclusion in Maryland Super Lawyers for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Mr. Herbst earned his B.A. degree from the University of Delaware and his J.D. degree from the University of Maryland School of Law.

H. ANDREW RECKSON is the owner and principal attorney of the Law Offices of H. Andrew Reckson LLC, where he focuses in real estate law, financial lending, and general civil litigation. Mr. Reckson has been a practicing attorney and a licensed title insurance agent since 1995, as well as a licensed real estate agent for seven years prior. He is barred in Maryland and Virginia; has title insurance producer’s licenses and notaries in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.; and has been an appointed agent for Stewart Title, First American, and Fidelity National. Mr. Reckson, in managing several title insurance branch offices, has conducted thousands of closings and reviewed an equal number of titles with the gamut of underwriting issues from A to Z. Since establishing his solo firm in 2008, Mr. Reckson has earned certification as a mediator and best interest attorney and has expanded his transnational practice to take on formal dispute resolution, and as a natural consequence, has developed a background in such areas as family law, estate planning, and business matters. He is a member of many related trade and professional associations. Mr. Reckson earned his B.A. degree, cum laude, from Rutgers College, Rutgers University and his J.D. degree from Washington College of Law, American University.

ELIZABETH R. SEUFERLING has been the owner of Rogers Abstracts since 1992 and has moved the company through many changes over the last 24 years. She has worked in the title industry since 1981. Ms. Seuferling is a director for the Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore and the Maryland Mortgage Company. She earned her liberal arts degree from Towson University and studied advanced business studies at the University of Seville, Spain. Ms. Seuferling is a director for the Moreland Memorial Park Cemetery and former member of the Auxiliary Board of Governors at St. Agnes Hospital.

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