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December, 2017

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From Event: Real Estate Transactions Toolkit, held December 2017.

Program Description

Inaccurate descriptions, inconsistent and conflicting surveyor reports and title issues can pop up at any time during a commercial real estate transaction, are you prepared to confidently navigate through them? Dotting all your i's and proactively handling issues that arise to prevent future disputes can eliminate many potential hurdles and save both you and your client time and money. In this unique toolkit designed specifically for real estate attorneys, you'll gain real-world insight from professionals who have worked in the field, have hands-on experience and know what challenges you'll face. Catch problems and errors before property changes hands and gain the technical skills you need - order today!

Course Content

  1. Legal Descriptions
  2. Title Insurance Dissection - Real-World Examples
  3. Surveying Skills for the Real Estate Attorney
  4. Legal Ethics
  5. Other Issues That Arise During the Transaction
  6. Drafting Purchase and Sale Agreements and Deeds

Continuing Education Credit

Continuing education credit is not available at this time.
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Agenda / Content Covered

    9:00 - 9:30, Tyler Marquette
    1. Types of Legal Descriptions
      (Perimeter, Strip, Area, Principal Meridians and Base Lines, Initial Point, Plat, Township and Range, Section)
    2. The Inappropriate Use of Tax Parcels as Legal Descriptions
    3. Typographical Errors Resulting From a Failure of Someone
    4. Reading Legal Descriptions - Metes and Bounds
    5. Vague and Inaccurate Documents
    6. Handling Bad Description Measurements
    7. Discrepancies Between Legal Description in Mortgage and as Assessed by the Municipality
    8. Legal Descriptions in Foreclosure Proceedings and Defects as They Affect Bankruptcy
    9. Resolving Conflicting Legal Descriptions
    10. Proper Use of Corrective Deeds
    11. Reading a Plat and Confirming if it Was Properly Dedicated
    9:30 - 10:35, Tyler Marquette
    1. What Legal Description Error Can be Cured by Scriveners Affidavit and What Can't
    2. Title Standards
    3. The Title Insurance Policy and Commitment
    4. Recognizing and Curing Title Defects
    5. Insurance Coverage Expectations
    6. Title Insurance Exclusions and Exceptions
    7. Title Endorsements - Generally
    8. Marketable Title vs. Insurable Title
    9. Effect of Warranty Deed
    10. Examples of Application of the Authorities Discussed in This Presentation
    11. Relationship Between Title Insurance and Survey Coverage
    10:50 - 11:55, Louis Hartmann
    1. Survey Issues and the Impact on Title
    2. Cross-Reading the Survey and Title Commitment Together to Identify Problems
    3. ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys - New Standards
    4. Survey Review Process: Overcoming Challenges (Easements/Restrictions, Encroachments, Compliance to ALTA/ACSM Survey Requirements, Water Boundaries)
    5. Meander Lines and How to Find Boundaries That Tie to Meander Lines
    6. Types of Surveys and How to Read Them
    7. Handling Inaccurate/Incomplete Surveys and Inconsistent/Conflicting Surveyor Reports
    8. The Surveyor's Role/Standards Used by the Surveyor
    9. Preparation of the Boundary Survey
    10. Survey Coverage
    12:55 - 1:55, Claiborne P. Tanner
    1. Conflicts of Interest
    2. Disclosure of Defects in Property
    3. Liability in Title Examinations
    4. Attorneys' Fees
    2:10 - 3:20, Thomas G. Donelon
    1. Working With Local Government, Surveyors, Appraisers and Other Non-Attorneys
    2. Liens and Lien Priority (Mortgagee/State Taxes, Federal Taxes, State Interests, Etc.)
    3. Missing Markers and Changed Physical Features
    4. Unaccounted for Property
    3:20 - 4:30, Claiborne P. Tanner
    1. Addressing Conditions and Covenants
    2. The Vital Importance of Title Review
    3. Getting Timing Down for a Smooth Transition
    4. What You Need to Know About Pre-Closing Inspection/Cooperation
    5. Real World Remedies You Can Use
    6. Acknowledging Risk of Loss
    7. Conditions Subsequent

THOMAS G. DONELON is an attorney with Bayou Title, Inc., in New Orleans. Mr. Donelon has well over 40 years of diversified professional experience in commercial law with a particular emphasis in real estate, bankruptcy and banking law. He has been involved in approximately 15,000 real estate related transactions, ranging from large commercial transactions to single family residential sales and mortgages including conventional, FHA and VA transactions. Mr. Donelon earned his B.S. degree from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Campus and his J.D. degree from Loyola Law School New Orleans. He is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association, the Louisiana Land Title Association and the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Title Attorneys.

LOUIS HARTMANN is a licensed land surveyor with Gilbert, Kelly & Couturié. He specializes in boundary surveys, elevation surveys, topographic surveys, condominium conversions, and construction packages for residential and commercial sites. Mr. Hartmann is a member of the Louisiana Society of Professional Surveyors and is president of the National Society of Professional Surveyors. He earned his B.A. degree from Louisiana State University. Mr. Hartmann also attended Nichols State University and Delgado Community College.

TYLER MARQUETTE is an attorney with Fishman Haygood, LLP, where his practice includes all aspects of commercial real estate, including development, construction, acquisitions and sales, financing, and leasing. Mr. Marquette also practices banking, finance, and corporate law. He is a licensed title insurance producer in Louisiana and Mississippi and vice president of the firm’s captive title insurance agency, Commercial Title Agency, L.L.C. As an authorized agent of First American Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title Insurance Company, and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Mr. Marquette is able to handle title insurance matters of all sizes in any commercial real estate transaction. He is licensed to practice in Louisiana. He earned his B.S. degree from Louisiana State University and his J.D. degree, magna cum laude, from Loyola University College of Law.

CLAIBORNE P. TANNER is the owner of Tanner Law Firm, LLC, where he provides advice and counsel on all aspects of real estate development and investing, including land acquisition and due diligence, land use and zoning issues, title issues, construction contracting, financing (senior and mezzanine debt financing), sales and marketing, condominium filings, loan workouts, and tenant leasing and other landlord-related matters. He is a member of Baton Rouge Independent Title Attorneys Association, Louisiana Land Title Association and Baton Rouge Growth Coalition. In 2007, he was also recognized by the South Florida Daily Business Review as one of the "Top Dealmakers” for South Florida. Mr. Tanner is experienced in structuring commercial real estate transactions and in the negotiation and preparation of various real estate related agreements, such as purchase agreements, development agreements, loan documentation, construction contracts, and commercial and residential leases. He also provides counsel in connection with the use of federal and state tax incentives, both locally and throughout the U.S., including historic rehabilitation tax credits, new markets tax credits, and low income housing tax credits, as well as various financing programs administered and insured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He has provided representation before local planning and zoning commissions and city councils throughout the states of Louisiana and Florida regarding zoning changes, permitting, variances, subdivision issues, and other land use matters. Mr. Tanner earned his B.S. degree from Louisiana State University and his J.D. degree from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University.

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