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Tracie Smith

Special Education Advocate at Sydney Smith LLC

Tracie Smith is the founder of Sydney Smith LLC and has more than 25 years of experience in various aspects of law including special education law. Tracie's focus in law turned to special education when her own son was diagnosed with severe autism in 2013. Tracie assists with case assessments, liaising with CPSE, CSE, clinicians, service providers, public schools and private special education programs. Tracie also assists with 504s and IEP preps including attendance at IEP and 504 meetings, preparing for and representing parents at due process hearings and has assisted various special education law firms in NYC. Tracie earned her B.B.A, is a graduate of Conveyancing Law and Practice through Macquarie University Law School, a SEAT graduate, a notary public and a member of COPAA.

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