Washington CLE Requirements

Everything you need to know to stay in compliance

Temporary Rule Change: Lawyers in the 2018-2020 reporting period were granted a 1-year extension for reporting for the 2018-2020 compliance period. Attorneys in that compliance group have a shortened 2-year reporting period for 2022-2023.

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Required Washington CLE Credits:

Total credit hours: 45.00 credit hours every 3 years.

  • 6.00 - Ethics and Professional Responsibility (at least 1.00 of which must be in equity, inclusion, and the mitigation of both implicit and explicit bias in the legal profession and the practice of law)

All 45.00 credit hours may be taken as live or self study programs.

Washington CLE Reporting Deadlines:

Deadline to Complete CLEs: December 31

Reporting Deadline: February 1

Reporting Period: 3 years

Common Questions About Washington Continuing Legal Education Rules and Regulations

General Washington Continuing Legal Education Credit Requirements

What are the Washington CLE requirements?

Active status attorneys in Washington must complete 45.00 CLE credits every 3 years to maintain good standing with the Washington State Bar.

LLLTs and LPOs must complete 30.00 CLE credits every 3 years.

When is the Washington CLE reporting deadline?

Washington attorneys must complete all 45.00 required credits by December 31 in their reporting year. Attorneys must certify compliance with their WA CLE requirements by February 1 of the following year.

How long is the Washington CLE reporting period, and when does mine end?

The CLE reporting period in Washington is 3 years and ends on December 31 of your reporting year. You can refer to this chart or log in to your WA MCLE account to confirm your reporting period.

How do I report my Washington CLE credits?

CLE sponsors will report your attendance at live courses. Attorneys are responsible for tracking and reporting self study courses. You can report self study credit through the Washington MCLE online system.

You must certify your CLE credits by February 1 following your reporting period. You can certify your credits online through the Washington State Bar website or by mailing the forms in your license renewal packet. If you opted for paperless communication, you will not receive a license renewal packet.

How many Washington CLE credits can I carry over?

Washington attorneys, LLLTs, and LPOs can carry over 15.00 CLE credits to the next reporting period. This may include up to 2.00 ethics and professional responsibility credits.

How many CLE credits can I complete with self study courses?

There is no limit to the number CLE credits you can complete with self study courses.

What are the specialty credit requirements in Washington?

Washington attorneys, LLLTs, and LPOs must complete 6.00 ethics and professional responsibility credits every 3 years.

Effective September 1, 2022, 1.00 of the 6.00 ethics and professional responsibility credits must be in equity, inclusion, and the mitigation of both implicit and explicit bias in the legal profession and the practice of law.

Are there any limits on how many credits I can earn in one day?

Yes. You may only earn 8.00 CLE credits in one calendar day.

Is in-program attendance verification required to receive Washington CLE credit?

No. In-program attendance verification is not required.

Can Washington attorneys satisfy their CLE requirement by taking courses approved in other states?

You can submit a Comity certificate if you are credit compliant in OR,ID or UT if you are an active lawyer in WA. You can request a Comity Certificate via the MCLE Online System. Once you pay the processing fee a certificate will be prepared and made available for download.

Additional CLE resources for Washington attorneys

Are you newly admitted to the Washington State Bar? Here’s what you need to know:

What are the Washington CLE requirements for newly admitted attorneys?

Newly admitted attorneys are exempt from reporting CLE credits during the calendar year in which they were admitted to practice law in Washington.

Can I receive credit for CLE courses I completed during my year of admission?

Yes. If you complete credits during your year of admission, those credits will be applied to your first compliance period.

When does my first reporting period end?

Your first reporting period ends on December 31 of the third calendar year after you were admitted to the Washington State Bar.

Are there any special credit requirements for new attorneys in Washington?

No. There are no special CLE requirements for newly admitted Washington attorneys.

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