Vermont CLE Requirements

What are VT MCLE requirements?

Vermont attorneys are required to complete 24.00 credit hours every 2 years. Members must fulfill at least 18.00 credit hours of their CLE requirement with activities approved for Live CLE credit.

What are VT MCLE specialty credit requirements?

Specialty credit hours may be taken as Live or Self-Study.
Legal Ethics: 2.00 credit hours (required)
Diversity and Inclusion: 1.00 credit hour (required)
Attorney Wellness Program: 1.00 credit hour (required)

When is the VT MCLE compliance deadline?

June 30th.
Attorneys divided into two groups. One group has reporting period of 6/30 of odd year, other group has reporting period of 6/30 of even year.

How do I report my VT MCLE?

Attorneys are responsible for tracking and reporting their own CLE credits. A Verified Certificate of Completion will be sent to you. Please retain for your records.

Before June 1st of each subsequent year, the Board of Bar Examiners will send each attorney subject to reporting for that period a form affidavit for the recording and reporting of compliance. No later than July 1st following the end of each applicable reporting period, each licensed attorney must submit an affidavit attesting to the total hours of continuing legal education (a minimum of twenty hours) that the attorney has completed during such period.

What are VT MCLE requirements for newly admitted attorneys?

In addition to mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements that all attorneys are subject to, newly admitted attorneys must complete 15 hours of specially approved continuing legal education courses on Vermont practice and procedure. At least 6 of the 15 hours must be earned by attendance at live courses. The 15 hours must be completed no earlier than 1 year before, and no later than 1 year after, admission to the bar. Note that courses taken to satisfy the first-year CLE requirement will count toward the MCLE requirement during your first reporting period.

What is allowed for Self-Study credit?

Maximum 6.00 credit hours.

Requirements by Format

Course Book Course Book Included With All Formats

Live Credit

The below formats are considered Live by the Vermont Board of Mandatory CLE.

You can obtain 24.00 of 24.00 required hours with the below formats.

View all Live Credit formats

Self Study Credit

The below formats are considered Self Study by the Vermont Board of Mandatory CLE.

You can obtain 6.00 of 24.00 required hours with the below formats.

View all Self Study Credit formats

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