Utah CLE Requirements

What are UT MCLE requirements?

UPDATED MCLE REQUIREMENTS IN RESPONSE TO THE CORONAVIRUS: The traditional live in-person credit requirement for lawyers reporting in 2021 has been suspended, allowing all required CLE to be fulfilled with online self-study with audio or video presentations, webcasts or computer interactive telephonic programs for the compliance period ending June 30, 2021.

Utah attorneys are required to complete 24.00 credit hours every 2 years. Members must fulfill at least 12.00 credit hours of their CLE requirement with activities approved for Live CLE credit.

What are UT MCLE specialty credit requirements?

Specialty credits may be taken as Live or Self-Study.
Legal Ethics or Professional Responsibility: 3.00 credit hours (required);
Professionalism and Civility: 1.00 credit hour (required) – included with the Legal Ethics or Professional Responsibility requirement.

When is the UT MCLE compliance deadline?

June 30th

How do I report my UT MCLE?

NBI, Inc. will report your credit to the Utah State Board of CLE.
A Verified Certificate of Completion will be sent to you. Submit the certificate with your compliance report. Please retain a copy for your records.

What are UT MCLE requirements for newly admitted attorneys?

Lawyers newly admitted to the Bar with an active license are required to complete the New Lawyer Training Program (NLTP) during their first year of practice in Utah. Upon completion, new lawyers will receive 12 NLCLE hours. In addition to the 12 NLCLE credits earned from the NLTP, new lawyers must complete 12 other MCLE hours in their first two-year compliance cycle. New lawyers are also required to attend the New Lawyer Ethics Program. This class satisfies the ethics requirement.

What is allowed for Self-Study credit?

Maximum 12.00 credit hours.

Requirements by Format

Course Book Course Book Included With All Formats

Live Credit

The below format is considered Live by the Utah State Board of Continuing Legal Education.

You can obtain 24.00 of 24.00 required hours with the below format.

Live In-Person Seminars

Self Study Credit

The below formats are considered Self Study by the Utah State Board of Continuing Legal Education.

You can obtain 12.00 of 24.00 required hours with the below formats.

View all Self Study Credit formats

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