Oregon CLE Requirements

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Required Oregon CLE Credits:

Total credit hours: 45.00 credit hours every 3 years.

All 45.00 credit hours may be taken as live or recorded programs.

Oregon CLE Reporting Deadlines:

Deadline to Complete CLEs: April 30

Reporting Deadline: May 31

Reporting Period: 3 years

Common Questions About Oregon Continuing Legal Education Rules and Regulations

General Oregon Continuing Legal Education Credit Requirements

How many CLE credits do you need in Oregon?

In Oregon, active status attorneys must complete 45.00 CLE credits every reporting period (every 3 years) to maintain good standing with the Oregon State Bar.

When is the Oregon CLE reporting deadline?

Attorneys in active status in Oregon must complete all 45.00 required credits by April 30 in their reporting year. The deadline to submit your MCLE report is May 31.

How long is the Oregon CLE reporting period, and when does mine end?

The compliance period for Oregon CLEs is 3 years and ends on April 30. Your first compliance period after being admitted will be a short reporting period and ends on April 30 of the next calendar year after your admission. After that, you will report CLE credits every three-year-period ending April 30.

How do I report my Oregon CLE credits?

For live courses, accredited providers are required to report your attendance to the Oregon State Bar. Oregon attorneys are responsible for tracking and reporting their own credits for recorded courses using Form 6. You can check your CLE transcript at the Oregon State Bar attorney portal.

How many Oregon CLE credits can I carry over?

Oregon attorneys can carry over up to 15.00 CLE credits to the next reporting period. This can include up to 6.00 ethics credits. Other specialty credits can be carried over as general credits.

How many CLE credits can I complete with recorded courses?

Attorneys in Oregon can complete all 45.00 CLE credits with recorded courses.

What are the specialty credit requirements in Oregon?

All active Oregon attorneys must complete the following specialty credits every reporting period:

Is in-program attendance verification required to receive Oregon CLE credit?

No. In-program attendance verification is not required.

Are you newly admitted to the Oregon State Bar? Here’s what you need to know:

What are the Oregon CLE requirements for newly admitted attorneys?

By April 30 of the calendar year after admission, new attorneys must complete 15.00 CLE credits as follows:

  • 9.00 Practical Skills (4.00 of which must be in Oregon practice & procedure)
  • 2.00 Ethics (1.00 of which must be in Oregon ethics)
  • 1.00 Mental Health/Substance Abuse
  • 3.00 Credit Introductory Access to Justice Course

Unless you have practiced law in another jurisdiction for at least 2 years, you must also enroll in the New Lawyer Mentoring Program (NLMP).

Can I carry over credits I completed during my first year of practice?

Yes. If you complete more than the 15.00 CLE hours required for your first short reporting period, you may carry over up to 15.00 hours to your first regular 3-year reporting period.

Do I have to complete the Learning the Ropes Course?

No. The Learning the Ropes Course offered by the Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund is not required, but many new attorneys choose to take it because it does fulfill all of your CLE requirements for your first reporting period.

What are the special credit requirements for new attorneys in Oregon?

Attorneys newly admitted to practice law in Oregon must complete the following by April 30 in the calendar year after admission:

  • 9.00 Practical Skills (4.00 of which must be in Oregon practice & procedure)
  • 2.00 Ethics (1.00 of which must be in Oregon ethics)
  • 1.00 Mental Health/Substance Abuse
  • 3.00 Credit Introductory Access to Justice Course

Additionally, unless you have practiced in another jurisdiction for at least 2 years, as a new attorney in Oregon, you must enroll in the New Lawyer Mentoring Program within 28 days of admission. You earn 6.00 CLE credits for the NLMP, but they do NOT count for your first year reporting requirements. They DO count for CLE credits for your 3-year reporting period requirements. At the end of your 3-year reporting period, you must electronically file a Certificate of Completion for your NLMP through the Oregon State Bar website.

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