Nevada CLE Requirements

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Required Nevada CLE Credits:

Total credit hours: 13.00 credit hours every year.

All 13.00 credit hours may be taken as live or alternative format programs.

Nevada CLE Reporting Deadlines:

Deadline to Complete CLEs: December 31

Reporting Deadline: December 31

Reporting Period: 1 year

Common Questions About Nevada Continuing Legal Education Rules and Regulations

General Nevada Continuing Legal Education Credit Requirements

How many CLE credits do you need in Nevada?

In Nevada, active status attorneys must complete 13.00 CLE credits each year.

When is the Nevada CLE reporting deadline?

All CLE credits must be reported by December 31 each year.

How long is the Nevada CLE reporting period, and when does mine end?

The reporting period is 1 year and ends on December 31 for all Nevada attorneys.

How do I report my Nevada CLE Credits?

Accredited providers will report your CLE attendance to the State Bar of Nevada. You will submit an annual Affirmation of Attendance and Compliance online at the Nevada Board of CLE website.

How many Nevada CLE credits can I carry over?

Nevada attorneys can carry over the following credits for two calendar years:

  • 20.00 General Credits
  • 4.00 Ethical Considerations Credits
  • 2.00 Substance Abuse Credits

Ethical considerations and substance abuse credits in excess of carryover limits may be carried over as general CLE credits. Additional substance abuse credits may not be used to satisfy ethical considerations credit requirements.

How many CLE credits can I complete with alternative format courses?

There is no limit on the number of CLE credits that you can complete with alternative format courses.

What are the specialty credit requirements in Nevada?

Nevada attorneys must complete 2.00 ethical considerations credits every year. In addition, attorneys must complete 1.00 credit in substance abuse, addictive disorders, and/or mental health issues which does not count towards the ethical considerations credit requirement.

These credits may be earned from live or alternative format courses.

Is in-program attendance verification required to receive Nevada CLE credit?

No. In-program attendance verification is not required.

Additional CLE resources for Nevada attorneys

Are you newly admitted to the State Bar of Nevada? Here’s what you need to know:

What are the Nevada CLE requirements for newly admitted attorneys?

Newly admitted attorneys in Nevada are exempt for the remainder of the year in which they are admitted to the State Bar of Nevada and for the following calendar year.

In lieu of completing CLE requirements during that time, new attorneys must participate in a 6-month Transitioning into Practice: A Mentoring Program for Nevada Attorneys (TIP program). You do not earn CLE credits for the TIP program.

Can I carry over credits I completed during my first year of practice?

You cannot carry over any credits taken during your year of admission. Credits completed in the calendar year after admission to the State Bar of Nevada can be carried to your first compliance year.

When does my first reporting period end?

Your first CLE reporting period begins on January 1 of the second full calendar year after your admission to the bar and ends on December 31 of that year.

Are there any special credit requirements for new attorneys in Nevada?

Yes. Attorneys with less than five years of experience must participate in Transitioning into Practice: A Mentoring Program for Nevada Attorneys. This program is designed to be completed in 6 months.

Who is considered a NV Newly Admitted Attorney?

Attorneys with less than 5 years of practice.

What is the deadline for NV Newly Admitted Attorneys to complete the TIP Program?

The TIP Program should be compelted within six months of enrollment.

How is the compliance cycle determined for NV Newly Admitted Attorneys?

The first standard MCLE reporting year begins the year following the first full year of admission. This FAQ has more information.

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