NJ CLE Requirements

What are NJ MCLE requirements?

UPDATED MCLE REQUIREMENTS IN RESPONSE TO THE CORONAVIRUS: The requirement for live CLE credit has been waived until further notice. You may now complete all 24 credit hours via live webcasts, webinars and other alternative verifiable formats.

New Jersey attorneys are required to complete 24.00 credit hours every 2 years. Members must fulfill at least 12.00 credit hours of their CLE requirement with activities approved for Live CLE credit.

What are NJ MCLE specialty credit requirements?

Specialty credit hours may be taken Live or Alternative Format.
Legal Ethics and/or Professionalism: 4.00 credit hours (required)

When is the NJ MCLE compliance deadline?

December 31st

How do I report my NJ MCLE?

Attorneys are responsible for tracking and reporting their own CLE credits.

A New Jersey Continuing Legal Education Certificate of Attendance will be sent to you. Please retain for your records.

At the end of each compliance period, each licensee must certify to the New Jersey Continuing Legal Education Board the lawyer’s compliance with the mandatory requirements. Licensees report to the board on the Annual Attorney Registration Statement or on other forms provided by the Board.

What are NJ MCLE requirements for newly admitted attorneys?

During a newly admitted lawyer’s first two-year compliance period after admission to the Bar of New Jersey, the newly admitted lawyer must satisfy 15 of his/her 24 required credit hours in any five of the following nine subject areas:
- New Jersey basic estate administration
- New Jersey basic estate planning
- New Jersey civil or criminal trial preparation
- New Jersey family law practice
- New Jersey real estate closing procedures
- New Jersey trust and business accounting
- New Jersey landlord/tenant practice
- New Jersey municipal court practice
- New Jersey law office management

What is allowed for Alternative Format credit?

Alternative Format credit hours are allowed in the formats indicated. Maximum 12.00 credit hours.

BCLE Reg 201:8 - lawyers who reside in, work in, and are licensed in a mandatory CLE jurisdiction that allows for 100% of CLE courses to be taken through alternative verifiable learning formats shall, through reciprocity, be able to satisfy their CLE obligation in New Jersey through 100% alternative verifiable learning formats.

Requirements by Format

Course Book Course Book Included With All Formats

Live Credit

The below format is considered Live by the Supreme Court of New Jersey Board on Continuing Legal Education.

You can obtain 24.00 of 24.00 required hours with the below format.

Live In-Person Seminars

View all Live Credit formats

Alternative Format Credit

The below formats are considered Alternative Format by the Supreme Court of New Jersey Board on Continuing Legal Education. Codes required to verify completion.

You can obtain 12.00 of 24.00 required hours with the below formats. For New Jersey licensed attorneys residing out of state, BCLE Reg 201:8 may apply.

* Codes required to verify completion.

View all Alternative Format Credit formats

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