Nebraska MCLE Requirements

What are NE MCLE requirements?

Nebraska attorneys are required to complete 10.00 credit hours every year.

The Nebraska Supreme Court has waived the live attendance requirement for 2022, allowing all 10 hours of required CLE to be obtained through approved live, distance learning, or on-demand courses.

What are NE MCLE specialty credit requirements?

Specialty credits may be taken as Live, Distance Learning or OnDemand. Professional Responsibility: 2.00 credit hours (required)

When is the NE MCLE compliance deadline?

December 31st

How do I report my NE MCLE?

NBI, Inc. will report your credit to the Nebraska MCLE Commission.

A Verified Certificate of Completion will be sent to you. Please retain for your records.

On or before January 20th, following the end of your annual reporting period, you must report through the online MCLE system your completion of accredited or approved CLE including professional responsibility education.

What is allowed for Distance Learning and On-Demand credit?

Maximum 5.00 credit hours.

Requirements by Format

Course Book Course Book Included With All Formats

Live Credit

The below format is considered Live by the Nebraska MCLE Commission.

Live In-Person Seminars

Distance Learning Credit

The below formats are considered Distance Learning by the Nebraska MCLE Commission.

View all Distance Learning Credit formats

On-Demand Credit

The below formats are considered On-Demand by the Nebraska MCLE Commission.

View all On-Demand Credit formats

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