Kansas CLE Requirements

What are KS MCLE requirements?

Kansas attorneys are required to complete 12.00 credit hours every year.

What are KS MCLE specialty credit requirements?

Specialty Credit (Specialty credits may be taken as Live or Prerecorded Format)
Required - Ethics and Professionalism (EP Credit): 2.00 credit hours.
Optional - Law Practice Management (LPM Credit): 2.00 credit hours maximum

When is the KS MCLE compliance deadline?

June 30th

How do I report my KS MCLE?

NBI, Inc. will report your credit to the Kansas CLE Board. A Verified Certificate of Completion will be sent to you. Please retain for your records.

Each compliance period, the Kansas CLE Board provides one interim report and one annual report to each attorney. Attorneys may register for online access to their records. The online access enrollment form is available at www.kscle.org.

What are KS MCLE requirements for newly admitted attorneys?

An attorney newly admitted to practice law in Kansas is exempt from the CLE requirement during the period prior to the first compliance period beginning after admission to practice.

Example: Attorney is admitted to practice 1/15/18 - no CLE is required for the remainder of the compliance period ending 6/30/18.

What is allowed for Prerecorded Format credit?

Maximum 12.00 credit hours.

Requirements by Format

Course Book Course Book Included With All Formats

Live Credit

The below formats are considered Live by the Kansas CLE Board.

You can obtain 12.00 of 12.00 required hours with the below format.

View all Live Credit formats

Prerecorded Credit

The below formats are considered Prerecorded by the Kansas CLE Board.

You can obtain 12.00 of 12.00 required hours with the below format.

* In-program attendance verification is required.

View all Prerecorded Credit formats

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