Arkansas CLE Requirements

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Required Arkansas CLE Credits:

Total credit hours: 12 credit hours per year.

All credit hours may be taken as live or on-demand programs.

Arkansas CLE Reporting Deadlines:

Deadline to Complete CLEs: June 30

Reporting Deadline: July 31

Reporting Period: 1 year

Common Questions About Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Rules and Regulations

General Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Credit Requirements

How many CLE credits do you need in Arkansas

Active status attorneys in Arkansas must complete 12.00 CLE credits, including 1.00 ethics credit, every year to maintain good standing with the State Bar of Arkansas. Attorneys or judges who have reached age 70 or have completed 40 years of licensure in Arkansas are exempt from Arkansas CLE credit requirements. A credit hour is 60 minutes of instructional time and excludes meals, introductions, and non-educational activities.

When is the Arkansas CLE reporting deadline?

Arkansas attorneys must complete all 12.00 required credits by June 30 every year. The Arkansas CLE Board will mail you a final report on or before July 31 each year. You can always sign in to your attorney profile to review your transcript.

How long is the Arkansas CLE reporting period, and when does mine end?

The reporting period is 1 year and runs from July 1 to June 30 for all active Arkansas attorneys.

How do I report my Arkansas CLE credits?

Arkansas attorneys are responsible for tracking and reporting their own CLE credits. NBI will provide a Verified Certificate of Completion. Please retain a copy for your records and submit the original to the Arkansas CLE Board. Additional information and forms for self-reporting other types of credit can be found Arkansas courts website.

How many Arkansas CLE credits can I carry over?

You may carry over 12.00 CLE credits for one reporting period. You may carry over 1.00 ethics credit. Excess ethics credits earned will first apply to the total 12.00 CLE credit requirement for that reporting period before being carried over.

How many CLE credits can I complete with on-demand courses?

You may complete all 12.00 CLE credits with on-demand courses.

What are the specialty credit requirements in Arkansas?

Arkansas attorneys must complete 1.00 ethics credit every year.

Is in-program attendance verification required to receive Arkansas CLE credit?

In-program attendance verification is required for on-demand courses.

Are there other ways attorneys in Arkansas can earn CLE credit?

There are several other ways to earn CLE credit, including:

  • Speaking at approved CLE Courses:
    • Solo speakers: 4.00 hours of credit for every hour of initial presentation and 2.00 hours of credit for repeat presentation of the same material
    • Panel discussions: Participants in panel discussions receive 3.00 hours of credit for every hour
  • Authorship: Up to 12.00 credit hours may be earned through authorship of an ABA published law article, a law-related article published by an ABA accredited law school, or published books on legal matters
  • Law school courses: 12.00 credit hours may be earned for each academic credit hour taught
  • In-house programs: Up to 6.00 credit hours per reporting period may be earned through in-house CLE programming. Application and documentation must be submitted and approved 30 days prior to the event.
  • Pro bono credit: Up to 3.00 credit hours may be earned in each reporting period. Arkansas attorneys earn I.00 hour of CLE credit for every 3 hours of pro bono service (rounded to the nearest quarter hour).

What is the deadline for Arkansas attorneys to report their attendance?

An Arkansas attorney has until July 31 to report their compliance hours taken on or before June 30 with no penalty. After July 31, if an attorney reports hours taken on or before June 30 there is a $25 late filing fee.

Additional CLE resources for Arkansas attorneys

  • Arkansas CLE Board Contact Information:
    • Address: Arkansas CLE Board, Arkansas Justice Building, 625 Marshall Street, Suite 110, Little Rock, AR 72201
    • Phone Number: (501) 375-1855
    • Email:
  • Arkansas Minimum Continuing Education Rules


Are you newly admitted to the Arkansas Bar? Here’s what you need to know:

What are the Arkansas CLE requirements for newly admitted attorneys?

Newly admitted attorneys in Arkansas are exempt from Arkansas CLE reporting requirements for the duration of the reporting period in which they are admitted. They must complete all 12.00 CLE credits, including 1.00 ethics credit, by June 30 of the reporting period after their admission.

Can I carry over credits I completed during my first year of admission?

Yes. If you earn credits during the reporting period in which you are admitted (when you are exempt from Arkansas CLE reporting requirements), you may carry up to 12.00 CLE credits (including 1.00 ethics credit) over to the next reporting period.

When does my first reporting period end?

You are exempt for the reporting period in which you are admitted to practice law in Arkansas. You must complete your 12.00 CLE credits by June 30 of the following reporting period.

For example, an attorney admitted to the Arkansas Bar in October 2022 (in the middle of the 2022-2023 reporting period) would not be required to report CLE credits until June 30, 2024.

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