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  • Who do I contact for Continuing Education credit questions?

    Phone: 866-240-1890

  • How do I know if a course qualifies for Continuing Education credit?

    Continuing Education credit information will be listed with the program details. A detailed list of available credit can be found under the [Credit] tab.

  • How can I find accredited CLE programs?

    View State MCLE Requirements and select the state you are reporting credits in. You will then be able to navigate by the format that best suits your needs or browse by CLE & Other Credit.

  • May I receive Continuing Education credit for a course in more than one state?

    In many cases, credit can be obtained in more than one state. Contact our Credit Department.

  • What if the Continuing Education credit I need is not listed on a course/product?

    To inquire about the possibility of obtaining a credit not listed, contact our Credit Department.

  • How do I obtain proof/verification of my participation?

    For a live classroom seminar, information will be available at the program. After completing a distance learning course, you will receive a certificate of completion in your My Account.

  • May I receive partial credit if I did not complete the entire course?

    Depending upon your accrediting agency requirements, credit may be awarded on a prorated basis for your participation time.

  • How will my Continuing Education credits be reported?

    Depending upon your accrediting agency requirements, we will submit your credits or will provide you with the information you need to report your own. You can also view all state requirements by clicking on State MCLE Requirements link under “CE Credit” on our home page.

  • How do I request credit online?

    Log on to My Account and click on the [Request Credit] tab. To request credit, click on the [Request Credit] button next to the corresponding course. You must complete the course before credit can be requested. You can also review and request additional credits from this section. Note: Seminars attended will not be listed on this page. You must call our Customer Service Department at 800-930-6182 to request additional credit that was not requested at the Seminar.

  • If I took a course and it does not show up on my transcript, what do I do?

    Continuing Education credit will be reported within 21 days of the course. Contact our Credit Department to confirm that your request was processed if 21 days has passed. If you have reported your own credit, please contact your accrediting agency.

  • If I took a course within my reporting period and the credit is not reported before the end of the reporting period, will I be in non-compliance?

    You will be in compliance as long as you completed the course within your reporting period. Continuing Education Credit will be reported within 21 days of the course.

  • How many credits can be earned with Distance Learning courses during my reporting period?

    View State MCLE Requirements and select the state you are reporting credits in. This information is also available through your accrediting agency.

  • Can more than one person obtain Continuing Education credit under the same login for a Teleconference?

    Each person must register and log in separately.

  • If I miss one of the attendance verification codes during a Teleconference or Webcast, what do I do?

    This will be handled on a case-by-case basis, please contact our Credit Department.