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Advanced Issues in Divorce

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September, 2013

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Continuing Legal Education

  • IL CLE - 6.50
From Event: Advanced Issues in Divorce, held September 2013.

Program Description

Helping clients through marriage dissolution requires an in-depth understanding of the obstacles they face and techniques for successful problem resolution. Do you have the skills you need to handle complex issues that come your way? Are you up to speed on the latest trends and current tips for overcoming common challenges? Let our experienced practitioners help you find the answers you need to your tough divorce and custody questions. Order today!

Course Content

  1. Troubleshooting Marriage Dissolution Issues
  2. Resolving Disputes and Speeding Up the Process
  3. Valuation and Division of Complex Assets
  4. Child Custody, Child Support and Cases Involving Domestic Abuse
  5. Ethical Dilemmas
  6. Post-Divorce Considerations

Continuing Education Credit

Continuing Legal Education – CLE: 6.50 IL - Credit Approval Expiration 09/24/2015 *

* denotes specialty credits

Agenda / Content Covered

    8:30 - 9:45, Eleanor M. Proctor
    1. Disputing the Enforceability of Marital Agreements
    2. Interstate and International Divorce - Arguing the Jurisdiction
    3. Managing the Client
      1. Persuading Your Own Clients to be Reasonable and Not Follow Their Friends' Advice
      2. Preventing Harmful Combative Communications Between the Divorcing Spouses
    9:45 - 10:15, Raiford D. Palmer
    1. The Role of Professional Family Mediators in Dissolution of Marriage
    2. Mediation vs. Arbitration
    3. Collaborative Law
    4. Tips for Handling the Stress and Quelling the Fires of Conflict
    5. Handling Difficult Opposing Counsel
    6. Flying Through the Electric Storm - Tips for Managing the Ever-Increasing Volumes of Electronic Communication
    7. Time Management in Complex Cases With Difficult Client and Difficult Attorney
    10:30 - 12:00, Eleanor M. Proctor
    1. Separate vs. Marital Property: Commingling and Premarital Contributions
    2. Finding Hidden Assets and Debts
    3. Valuing Business Assets
    4. How are State, Federal and Military Retirement Plans Divided? Effective Use of QDROs
    5. Pet Placement Issues in Divorce - Is "Fido" Property or Family?
    6. Spousal Support Issues When Mental Infirmities are Involved
    7. Making the Best Use of Your Valuations Specialist
    8. Handling Conflicting Expert Testimony
    9. Preparing Effective Sworn Financial Statements
    10. The Effect of Bankruptcy on Marriage Dissolution
    1:00 - 2:30, Karen Altman
    1. UCCJEA
    2. New Avenues in Collecting and Preserving the Evidence
    3. The Brave New World of Custody in Assisted Reproduction (Including: Custody of Embryos and Frozen Sperm, In Vitro Fertilization, Surrogacy)
    4. Custody and Visitation Rights of Non-Biological Parents (Including: Domestic Partners, De Facto Parents, Non-Marrieds Who Raised the Child, Aunts, Uncles, Same Sex Partners, Etc.)
    5. Qualifying and Examining the Mental Health Professionals in Custody Hearings
    6. Parenting Coordinators (and Others Deciding the Child's Life)
    7. Relocation Challenges
    8. Allegations of Child Abuse in Custody Disputes
    9. Restraining and Protective Orders and Injunctive Relief
    10. Child Testimony in Child Abuse Cases
    11. Law Enforcement Involvement
    12. Child Sexual Abuse Evaluations
    13. Mutual Spousal Abuse Accusations
    14. Dealing With Therapy Privilege
    15. Hearsay Rule
    2:45 - 3:45, Emily R. Carrara and Raiford D. Palmer
    1. Determining and Collecting Attorney Fees
    2. Maintaining Confidentiality
    3. When Doing Everything You Can for the Child is Too Much
    4. Where Does the Line Between Legal and Mental Health Counsel Lie for You?
    5. When You Suspect Your Client is Lying
    6. Accepting Referral Fees From Investment Advisors
    3:45 - 4:40, Emily R. Carrara
    1. Preserving Issues for Appeal From the Start
    2. Appeals Process and Tips
    3. Dividing Retirement Plans, Investment Accounts and IRAs
    4. Realistic Child Support and Alimony Enforcement
    5. Post-Divorce Financial Planning - Give Your Client a Clear To-Do List

KAREN ALTMAN is an associate in Aronberg, Goldgehn, Davis & Garmisa's family law department. She concentrates her practice in all areas of family law; including divorce, custody, child support, post-judgment litigation, and prenuptial agreements, involving herself in all aspects of the case from the first filing through to resolution, either by settlement or trial. Ms. Altman has assisted in the writing and research of the ILCLE Chapter on Child Custody (2008) and the Illinois Practice of Family Law (2005-2011 editions). She is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association. Ms. Altman earned her B.A. degree, magna cum laude, and her J.D. degree, cum laude, from Loyola University.

EMILY R. CARRARA is a partner of the Wheaton law firm of Sullivan Taylor & Gumina, P.C. She has focused her practice in the areas of family law; including dividing retirement plans, child support, adoption, appellate practice, child custody, guardianship, paternity and parental agreements. Mr. Carrara has taught and been a presenter for numerous family law seminars. She is a member of the American, Illinois State, DuPage County, (Family Law Committee), Kane County and Will County bar associations; and the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers. Ms. Carrara has been named One of the Eight Women to Watch by the DuPage County Bar Association. She earned her B.A. degree at Boston University and her J.D. degree, with honors, at John Marshall Law School.

RAIFORD D. PALMER is a shareholder in Sullivan Taylor & Gumina, P.C. He concentrates his practice in high net worth and complex asset divorce matters, especially those involving closely held or family owned business interests. Mr. Palmer handles collaborative divorce cases as well as litigated matters. He is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, a past member of its Family Law Section Council. Mr. Palmer is a member of the DuPage County Bar Association and its Family Law Committee. He also is a member of the Will County Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Mr. Palmer is a fellow in the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, a former guardian ad litem for the Circuit Court of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit, and a former arbitrator for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit. He also is a trained mediator. Mr. Palmer is a 1994 graduate of Loyola University Chicago School of Law and earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1991. He is a speaker regarding dissolution of marriage issues both for attorneys in continuing legal education courses as well as for groups serving the general public. Mr. Palmer has published articles on family law topics. He practices family law, divorce law and business law.

ELEANOR M. PROCTOR is an associate with Allen Gabe Law LLC, where her area's of practice encompass divorce, child custody, visitation, paternity, child support, maintenance, as well as, pre and post nuptial agreements, guardianship, and adoptions. She has considerable experience in cases that fall under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. In addition to Cook County, Ms. Proctor is a known and respected attorney in Lake, McHenry, Kane and DuPage counties. She has acted as a guardian ad litem in several cases. Ms. Proctor's practical knowledge and experience helps clients work through the often stressful legal process. She earned her B.S. degree in from Northern Illinois University and her J.D. degree from The John Marshall Law School.

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Accreditation Details

Continuing Legal Education

IL CLE: 6.50 Credit Approval Exp 09/24/2015 Including - Ethics: 1.00
This program has been approved by the Illinois MCLE Board for 6.5 hours of distance learning CLE credit, which includes approval for 1.0 hour of professional responsibility CLE credit by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.

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